Real estate company says it has closed its Las Vegas office amid the Las Vegas massacre

Real estate developer Wyoming Real Estate says it will close its Las thelson real estate office in Las Vegas as of Friday, citing the mass shooting at a concert on the city’s Strip that left 59 people dead.

The real estate company has been working to relocate some of its employees to other locations, Wyoming President Scott Daugherty said in a statement.

Daugherty and his company have been working for months to bring a new office and facility to the Strip that could have had the potential to attract more employees to the area, but those efforts have come to a halt.

Doughty said that due to the Las and Vegas shootings, the company’s office in Vegas was the only office that could be used to serve customers and staff.

The company has received a letter from Wyoming that it must vacate by Dec. 15 and the property will be sold, according to the letter.

Wyoming is one of several Las Vegas-area real estate companies that have closed their Las Vegas offices due to shootings.

The letter did not give a reason for Wyoming’s decision, but Daugher said it is due to a “disappointing and troubling” period in the company.

Wyoming is still actively recruiting new employees and will remain open, he said.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.