When the Bordeaux game ends in Belize

By Football Italiansportate Belize’s national team will not play against Belize Football Federation (BWF) side in the national team final.

Belize was scheduled to play a friendly match against Beloit Football Club on Sunday (July 1).

Belize’s soccer federation (FCB) announced on Saturday (June 28) that it had withdrawn the team from the match because of “serious health problems”.

Belize Football Association (BFA) president Ricardo Taveras said the team will be removed from the Belize national team game on Saturday due to “serious” health issues.

The national team was originally scheduled to be played in Belmopan on Sunday, July 1, but the BFA announced on Sunday it would be postponing the match.

Taveras told local media the BBA will announce the reasons for the postponement in a few days time.

The BBA said on Monday that they have no immediate plans to make any changes to the team’s preparations for the Belmopans match.

The Belize team has a record of 14-1-1, winning five consecutive games to date.