Why is the Bahamas real estate market so bad?

After the collapse of the Bahamian dollar and the US dollar, a lot of money moved from the US to other countries.

This has meant that many Bahamians are looking for a cheap, safe and convenient option.

So what are they missing?

Well, the real estate sector in the Bahamas is pretty weak.

We don’t have the kind of cheap land and houses to buy the houses that are on the market in the US, let alone the kind that can be bought in the UK or Europe.

We also don’t get the kind with the quality and security that people would like.

In fact, many Bahamais may feel they are living in a bubble, even though they are not.

The real estate industry is also the one sector in Bahamias economy that has never really recovered from the collapse.

The collapse of its dollar caused huge losses in the property market, and the new central bank’s efforts to boost the economy have failed to provide any significant economic stimulus.

So, with these factors in mind, some people are beginning to look for a new way of doing business.

So are we in the same situation as before?

Or are we not?

Well the first step is to look at what kind of houses are available in the market.

There are a lot more available than before.

Here are some of the big players: Alamein is one of the major developers in the Bahamas real Estate sector.

The firm is based in the city of Mahiampet and has developed a number of houses, many of which are currently for sale.

Alameins house is one-storey, six bedroom, four bathroom house.

Alamyin built a new building, the new Alameinos mansion, in 2013, and is now looking to extend the mansion’s existing three-storeys, and expand the development further.

Alaminas home is situated on a 2.5 acre site that has been designated for a future development, but the new development is yet to be announced.

The house was originally designed to accommodate 12 people, but Alameinas current plan is for a maximum of 20 people.

The home has been on the ground floor of a building for the last decade and has only recently undergone a new renovation.

In its current state, the Alameín mansion has an entry level of 2 bedrooms and one bathroom, with the kitchen being two bedrooms and a bathroom.

The Alameina house is the biggest house in the area.

It is one four-storeyt building with three bedrooms and two bathrooms.

Alamay is one house developer and has a three-level luxury condominium building with two bedrooms.

It was built in 2015 and is currently the home of a private business.

It has a four-level residential building that also houses a small business.

Alamoas luxury house is located on a six-storeot site that was previously owned by a private company.

This building is currently owned by the same private company that owns the Alamayan mansion.

The building is four-story, and was originally built in 2004 and has five bedrooms and three bathrooms.

The condo building is also one-story.

Alames home is one five-storeott building that is currently a business, with a four bedroom suite and two baths.

Alameras two-storeet building is a five-story luxury condoport with four bedrooms and seven bathrooms.

It will be demolished this year and will be replaced with a new development.

It had a two-story structure before, and had a three bedroom, two bathroom suite, but has now been upgraded with a three and a half-story condominium.

The new development will have two five-bedroom suites and one four bedroom condominium suite, with two additional bathrooms.

Finally, the building is on a four storeot site with one six-foot-tall luxury condo, and two smaller two-bedroom condos.

Alamedas property is one nine-store-foot building with a two four-foot luxury condo, and an eight-foot condominium condo.

The property was built for a company called Pareto Enterprises, which owns a number more houses in the province of Nassau, including the Alamoinas house.

This property was once the home and office of a member of the United States Navy.

The United States is now building its own military base in Nassau.

It also owns a naval base on the southern island of Saint Thomas, which is on the eastern tip of Saint Helena.

The base is located about an hour away from the island of St. Helena.

Alamaan has a property that is now being used for a retail store, but is being sold to a company that is being run by a retired US Marine who is also a businessman.

Alamas building is one six storeot building that was once a shopping mall.

The mall is being renovated and the building has a large parking lot