When you’re in a bad place: Is it worth the pain?

A couple who bought their Sydney home for $800,000 have now lost it to fire.

Key points:A fire at the Sydney property destroyed a $800k homeA property agent told ABC News he’d been approached by a person with a “good reason” for asking for a propertyThe owner is now living in a caravan in a Sydney suburbHe’s now renting the property out to a woman from the US who has moved inThe property is located in a suburb of Sydney’s CBD and the owners say they are in a “very dire” financial situationThe property agent who was approached by the person wanted to sell their property had a “reason” for wanting to buy, and was told the buyer could not be located.

The owner of the Sydney house, Richard Hatton, says the person who contacted him on Monday offered a “big deal” and offered to buy for $850,000.

“I said, ‘no, we’ve already sold that property for $1.5 million and we’re looking for another property’,” Mr Hatton said.

“So that’s my reason, but I don’t know what the other reason is.”

Mr Hatton told the ABC he was told that person wanted a “Big Deal” from him.

“He said, `You need to be on top of the situation’, and he asked if we had any good reason,” Mr Harton said.’

We are in financial difficulty’Mr Hannon says he has been offered an $850k house for sale in the US, but that he cannot move there until he pays off his mortgage.

He says he doesn’t know the reason behind the contact.

“When we were approached, it was a man from New York who was very interested in selling the house for $900,000,” Mr Tully said.

“We’ve just had a very dire financial situation.”

He said he’s living in the car, which he bought for $7,000, in a small city in the United States, and is currently renting out the space to a young woman from a country called the US.

“She is not going to be able to come to Australia and live here because she’s not a citizen,” Mr Lull said.

The property has been listed on the Real Estate Board of Australia, and a $750,000 loan has been made to cover the initial cost of buying the property.

Mr Lull says he’s not concerned about the safety of the woman.

“We have no insurance, no mortgage, nothing,” he said.

He said they are currently in a financial position to afford the relocation, but the house is still under renovation.