‘I’m not racist’: Trump responds to claims of racism at rally

The GOP nominee’s remarks come as his Democratic rival is under intense scrutiny for not addressing a spate of racially charged attacks against African-Americans during the primary.

The former first lady was booed by protesters after she made a racially insensitive remark at a Black Lives Matter rally in Minneapolis. 

She later apologized for the remark and vowed to fight racism in the country. 

The comments by Trump drew widespread condemnation.

“I think he’s making a very important point that you’re not going to have a President that is going to look at all of this and go, ‘Well, we’re going to get this under control,'” said Matt Stoller, the head of the St. Louis-based Institute for Community Progress, which tracks political violence. 

“And it’s not going get under control unless we get serious about addressing these issues.” 

Trump has repeatedly said he would not allow a white president to rule the country and would appoint an attorney general who would enforce federal law.

“If I win, I’m going to instruct my attorney general to investigate your political opponent,” he said at a campaign rally in Alabama. 

Trump also said that he would “make it a priority to make sure the courts enforce the laws of the land.”

He added that if a black person is charged with a crime, the case would go through the legal system “because they’re going through the criminal system.” 

The Republican nominee has made the remarks repeatedly in the past, but has made them in private since the election.

In February, Trump said that “the NAACP has been totally hijacked by the Clintons.” 

“It’s become a political football,” he added.

“The NAACP was created to represent the interests of blacks in the civil rights movement.

And the NAACP is now part of the Clinton machine.” 

He later said that the NAACP “should have been a little bit smarter” and “just stayed out of politics.”