Apple, Amazon to start selling iPhones directly from suppliers

The tech giants are in talks with the Australian furniture and furniture retailer Lowes to sell iPhones directly, The Australian Financial Review has reported.

The deal could be worth $2 billion in Australia, including $1.5 billion in GST and the rest in Australia’s $1 billion foreign investment levy, the report said.

Apple chief executive Tim Cook is known for his love of Apple products, and it was widely reported last week that he would use the $1 trillion of Apple cash to buy Lowes, which sells everything from kitchenware to home decor.

Apple has also made significant investments in Australia and its capital markets, including a $1-billion loan guarantee in 2009 and a $20-billion deal to buy an Australian steelworks in 2016.

Apple said in a statement on Tuesday it was in discussions with Lowes and that it was “excited” about the opportunity to deliver products and services to the Australian market.

“Lowes is the world leader in delivering the best quality furniture, and we look forward to working with the company to deliver more value for our customers and the Australian community,” Apple said.

The company has also been looking to invest in its supply chain in Australia for years, which has led to a shortage of iPhones.

The iPhone 6s Plus, which will go on sale in Australia on Wednesday, will come with a 4G network, but will not have a 4K screen.

The Australian Taxation Office is currently assessing whether Apple’s tax bill is a tax credit, which could result in a tax bill of up to $4,000, or a penalty of $1,000.

Apple will sell the iPhone 6S Plus at $849 (AU$1,095) in the US, but the handset will be cheaper if sold in Australia at $999 (AU $1 for the 4G model) and in the UK at $1 on sale at the time of writing.

Apple had previously said it would not sell iPhones in Australia due to the high cost of sourcing raw materials and the high labour costs.