How to buy a house in New York real estate

Posted July 11, 2018 06:07:00New York realtor Peter Leong is one of the first New Yorkers to have a real estate broker in his backyard.

Peter Leong has a reputation for being a trusted, experienced broker in the area of real estate.

Mr Leong was a local property broker in Westchester County for more than a decade before moving to New York City to become the president of Leong Property Group.

“It’s an area that’s getting more attention in the real estate market,” Mr Leong said.

“You’re seeing more and more of people looking to buy in New Jersey.”

And it’s becoming more difficult for people to afford real estate in New England and in New Hampshire.

“So, when you have people looking for homes, you’re seeing the demand increase.”

We have a very active real estate business, so we do a lot of work with the local community.

“Mr Leung said his experience with New York’s real estate industry is “unique”.”

There’s a lot more people that are aware of realtors in New Yorker’s,” he said.

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