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A real estate agent who was fired after he posted a racist comment on Facebook about an Austin woman who was raped and killed by her landlord’s son will not be allowed to keep his job.

The Austin American-Statesman reported Wednesday that Dallas attorney Michael Moseley’s termination letter to the city’s top attorney has been signed by Austin City Attorney Mike Hernandez.

Mosely was fired in June and said in a letter to city council that he felt that he was “fired for simply being who I am and a good person.”

Mosey had defended the landlord’s family in the murder of Toni Ann Buss, who was killed by Toni Anne Buss’s husband Robert Buss in 2015.

Mesely said that Toni Buss was a “real estate agent’s daughter” who was murdered by her father’s son, but that his family had been involved in the eviction process.

The family of the victim, Toni Jean Buss told the Austin American Statesman that she “never meant to hurt anyone.”

She said she was upset because her family had had to move because of an eviction.

The Buss family said they did not believe Moseleys statement about Toni’s killing, because the woman was an African American woman.

Mosedley told the paper that he had not made up his mind about his termination.

“I am not going to lie, I was a little bit surprised,” Mosellys letter said.

“We are looking at every option.”

He said he hoped the city would take him seriously and he would not “put his personal feelings over the safety of the city and the citizens of Austin.”

Meseley said he planned to appeal the termination and said he would continue to represent victims of racial violence in the city.

He has been accused of being racist by some, and accused of spreading false information about the case.

Mosesley was one of several attorneys in the Austin area who defended a family that was involved in a deadly shooting in 2016 that killed a 19-year-old black woman named Tanishia Williams.

Austin police said Williams was a victim of a domestic violence assault, and the victim’s mother was arrested on a warrant for allegedly assaulting her son.

Miceley represented the Busss and his wife on the domestic violence case, which is now before the Austin City Council.

He also represented a family who was involved with the eviction of a family from their home in April, the Austin Statesman reported.

“As the legal team and legal representation team we have handled thousands of cases in the past, and we know how to handle this type of thing, and that is why I am so excited to continue representing these victims and families in the coming weeks,” Maseley said in the letter.

Masellys lawsuit against the city is the second lawsuit against Moseleys family in less than two months.

He sued the city for $1.8 million in damages over a police report alleging that his son had threatened to shoot Moseys daughter in the neck.

The city settled with Mosees family for $750,000, and Moselee’s lawyer filed a countersuit seeking $3.4 million in additional damages.