Which is better: Condo or apartment?

The real estate market is still a tough sell, especially in the suburbs, where condo sales have declined for the fourth straight month.

But if you’re looking to move in with a roommate, a condominium or an apartment, the results could surprise you.

Below are five different options for buying or renting in your area: Condos and Apartment Buildings Condos: The biggest rental growth area for the year is in the Midwest and Midwest cities, with apartment building sales climbing 4.6% in January.

This is up from the 4.1% gain in December, and has been the trend since February.

Apartment building sales also increased in January, with new listings in January up by 3.9% from the previous month.

There were 6,821 new apartment units built in January 2017, up from 6,955 the prior year.

The Midwest is a hot rental market.

The number of new listings rose by 11.1%, from 2,823 to 2,931.

That was the biggest monthly gain in nearly a decade.

In the metro area of St. Louis, the number of apartment units rose by 6.9%, from 5,932 to 6,065.

The most popular rental market in the region is in Cleveland, where the number increased by 3%.

The metro area saw a record number of condo units built this year, with 2,956 units sold.

In other cities, the average price of a condo is $1.9 million.

A lot of this condo growth has been in the city of New York, with the average condo price increasing by 2.9%.

New York has one of the highest condo prices in the country.

A $3 million condo could run you $7.9-million in New York.

In Dallas, the condo market has been even more volatile, with condo sales down 2.5% in December.

But that is still up slightly from the 6.1%-plus increase in December and the 4% decline in December 2017.

But in Dallas, condo prices are still the cheapest in the nation.

A condo could set you back $2.2 million in Dallas.

That is up 12% from December and 14% from last year.

Apartments are up in the metro areas of Cleveland and St. Paul, and New York City, but not in Minneapolis, which has one the lowest condo prices.

But the number is down in Chicago.

The median apartment price in Chicago is $2,898 per square foot, which is up by 15% from a year ago and the largest gain in almost a decade, according to the Zillow data provider.

The Zillows says the median home price in the Chicago area is now $6,200 per square-foot.

That’s up 17% from November, and the highest in almost 10 years.

The largest single-family home prices in Minnesota are now $2 million, $2m, and $1m, up 10% and 15%, respectively, from November and the same figures for the same month in 2016.

Apaches have become the hottest rental market, as the number rose 3.6%.

The number is up 8.4% from January 2017.

The highest number of condominium units sold was in New Jersey, where there were 3,907 condos sold in January compared to 2.6K the previous year.

This means the median price for a condo in New Brunswick is $5,000 per square feet, up 14% over the previous quarter.

In Minnesota, the majority of new condominiums are being built in the northern suburbs.

In Minneapolis, condos are still up by 9.7% year-over-year, but the number has been on the decline since January 2017 when condos were down 13%.

The condominium boom in New England has also contributed to the increase in condominium prices in Boston.

The condos in the Greater Boston area are up by 6%, with new condos in Boston rising by 14.7%.

Apartment sales are up 8% in Boston, but are still down from the 5.8% gain of December 2017, and remain the biggest market in Massachusetts.

But apartments have also been surging in New Orleans.

Apacs are up 20% in New Orlean, and new listings have increased by 5.2% in the past year.

In San Antonio, condo sales are down 9.6%, but apartment sales have increased 4.5%.

The largest increase in sales in San Antonio is in condos, up 11.7%, while the largest decrease is in apartments, down 14.6.

The biggest market for renters is the South Bay, with sales up 11%, while condominium sales are flat.

In Los Angeles, condos outnumber apartments by a 2.3-to-1 ratio, but apartments have the most listings.

Condos are up 17.3% in Los Angeles and apartment sales are at an all-