Which of the new owners of the Titans will be the biggest name in the NRL?

Real estate is the most hotly contested category in the new NRL competition.

With the likes of St George Illawarra and Parramatta vying for the premiership, it’s the question that has sparked the most debate.

The Titans have already made waves in the market by signing former Parramactin premiership players Michael Morgan and Josh Dugan, but it seems the club’s future is in the hands of one man: former Paramactin star and former Brisbane Cowboys star Tony Smith.

Smith was one of the most prolific kickers in the Parramabans history, and is now the chairman of a property development company.

But the man who once played in the famous Brisbane Derby has also played a key role in his club’s development.

Smith has made the move from Brisbane to Sydney with his family and is expected to join the NRL club in 2018.

Smith has already played a role in Parramat’s development, having taken charge of Parramatt in 2009.

The former Cowboys star is understood to have been offered a $200,000-a-year contract to run Parramas development business, but instead turned to real estate to help his club move from the Sunshine State to Sydney.

Smith is the son of former Cowboys captain and Paramabans captain Donnell (Smith) Smith.

He and his wife are also the owners of an apartment building in the suburb of Wollongong.

The club is not expected to announce the move until next week, but the arrival of Smith could be the catalyst for the club to move up in the property market.

The Parramamans have a strong track record of success with the likes-minded Smith and former Params forward Ryan James as club coaches.

The club’s management has been in contact with the NRL to try and lure the likes and NAB AFL player Anthony Collins, who is currently playing in the A-League.

But there is another name worth watching in the space.

Former Canberra Raiders and Penrith Panthers star Andrew Fifita is one of those people who could make an instant impact in the region.

The Raiders are looking to sign a number of key players to help improve their roster, including players such as Mitch Cronk, Ben Barba, and Sam Kasiano.

The Panthers also need to bring in a number to help their squad get back to the top of the ladder.

They have a number who have made an immediate impact in recent years, and it’s possible the club could land one of them.

If the Titans do land the right player, the potential for the Params to leapfrog the Rabbitohs and Raiders is high.

But the Paramats are not just looking to fill their squad with marquee names, they want to win back some of their fans who have moved on to other clubs.

It’s unlikely to be easy, but if the Titans are to land the player they want, it will be worth watching what happens in the rest of the competition.