Massachusetts real estate: The new real estate

Massachusetts real property, the real estate one of the largest in the country, was on a roll in 2017.

The median price of a single-family home in the state was $829,955.

That’s up 10% from the year before, according to the Census Bureau.

The median price for condos and townhouses was $1,624,800, a jump of 9% and 9.5% respectively.

The average monthly income in the Boston metropolitan area was $28,091.

Boston also had the second highest number of new homes sold in the U.S. at 1,731.

There were 3,092 new homes in the city of Boston.

The rest of the nation, on the other hand, had a lower number of sales of 1,081.

That makes Massachusetts the most expensive place to buy a home in 2017, but still one of few states with lower median prices than it did a year ago.

That might be a sign of the economy improving.

The economy is now averaging 4.4% growth over the last year, according a report from the Census.

It’s also growing at a faster rate than the nation as a whole.

Massachusetts saw an increase of 6.3% in real estate sales during the same period, according the report.

The state is also one of only six states that experienced a decrease in housing prices in the first quarter of 2018.