The best ways to live and travel in a city

From the moment you leave home and enter the world, it’s hard to remember just how far you’ve come.

The pace of change in cities and cities themselves, the rise of mass transit and more, has made them more than just destinations for the affluent.

There’s an urgency that comes from seeing how cities are changing.

“I love this city,” the writer and editor of the Huffington Post, Amanda Hess, said of New York.

“But you can’t get to it without living in it.

You can’t live here without living here.”

It’s a sentiment that’s repeated by countless cities around the world.

The challenge in cities like New York, Paris, and London is finding a way to keep that excitement while also managing a lot of the costs of living.

We visited a few of them to find out what makes them unique, what makes their citizens tick, and what they hope to learn from them.