Can a CFL team use a CFL logo on its jersey?

CFL players, coaches and owners are not averse to using CFL logos on jerseys.

But a league spokesman said there are limits to how much of a league logo a team can use on its jerseys.

“In a way, the logo itself isn’t a requirement, but it is an element of the overall look,” league spokesman Mike O’Hara said in an email.

“But the logo can be used on the jersey.”

That’s not the only issue the league faces.

Some teams have decided to make the logo smaller to reduce the number of different colors.

So far, the team logos on CFL jerseys have been a little smaller than the ones worn by the Detroit Lions and Toronto Argonauts, which both play in the CFL’s East Division.

But that’s changing.

Teams in the East Division have used their own logos in recent seasons.

The team logo on the Toronto Argonaut jerseys has been a slightly smaller version of the Detroit logo, with an oval instead of a circle.

The Argonauts’ new jersey, featuring the logo on both sides, has the same size as the team’s current home jerseys.

A smaller logo could create more confusion with other teams, O’Haras said.

“I don’t think it’s a bad thing, but I do think it would be better for our teams if they did have a consistent logo,” O’Keefe said.

But he added that “they are the only team that has a team name that is the same across the league.

So we will see if that works.”

The league says teams in the league’s East division, which includes Montreal, Edmonton, Toronto and Winnipeg, have a unique logo that is similar to the logo worn by CFL teams in Canada and the United States.

The Montreal logo has a smaller shape than the Toronto logo, but has the logo and letters from Montreal in the middle.

The Winnipeg logo has an oval, with a more traditional-looking lettering and “W” in the center.

The teams in Ottawa, Calgary and Vancouver wear the same logo.

O’Reilly said the teams in Montreal and Toronto don’t wear the logo in Montreal because they aren’t Canadian.

The Edmonton team has worn a CFL-only logo for some years.

O.J. Watt, the Houston Texans defensive end who won a Super Bowl with the Texans last year, wore the CFL logo as part of his team’s uniform in his first season with the team.

“It’s not like it’s going to go away, but that’s something we’re working on,” Watt said in March.

The logo could be the first step toward a uniform overhaul that will likely include new jerseys, O�Keefe said, “and hopefully a new look.”