How to spot the Wisconsin real estate bubble

The biggest seller is a real estate development firm, according to data compiled by Real Estate Investor Magazine.

The company’s website lists more than 200 properties on the market for sale in the state.

The firm, called Allied Real Estate, has received more than $20 million in state money in the past three years, according a recent report from the Wisconsin Center for Investigative Journalism.

The state’s highest-paid real estate executive, John Koehler, is also the company’s CEO.

Koehlers father, a former state representative from Madison, is chairman of Allied Real, and his son, John, is chief operating officer.

The brothers have a combined net worth of $7.5 billion, according the company website.

The two have also built up close ties to Wisconsin realtors, who are a major part of Allied.

The companies websites include an advertisement for Koehrmans family firm, which also appears on the website of Allied and other real estate firms.

It features a picture of a man in a suit and tie, and it is followed by a description of the company.

“The Koehls are among the top real estate agents in Wisconsin,” it says.

The ad features a photo of a Koehm’s son, who also appears in the ad, and says he is the vice president of business development.

The real estate firm also offers to sell the homes in the advertisements for $1.2 million to $1 million, depending on the size of the sale.

That is a high price tag, considering the Koellers have built their fortune on the back of a $25 million investment in a single Milwaukee home.

“We’ve always said that if we can get a good price, we can sell it,” Koehners son told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

“But if it’s not a great price, it won’t happen.

We’re just going to keep doing what we’re doing.”

Allied real estate was established in 1999 and has grown steadily since then, with its headquarters in Wisconsin City, according its website.

Its sales have grown significantly as well, reaching $2.7 billion in 2016, up from $1 billion in 2017.

Allied also has a presence in Milwaukee, which is home to one of the largest real estate markets in the United States.

The largest property sale in Wisconsin in 2016 was a $1,600,000 home in Milwaukee that was sold to a man who has since been indicted on a federal fraud charge.

That home is now on the auction block, and the Koeshers will bid for it.

The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel reported last month that Koehelms son, the president of the real estate company, was one of three people who were arrested for attempting to sell that home in 2016.

The other two people, who have not been charged, were arrested during a raid on the company headquarters.

The Koehels have been on the board of directors of the Wisconsin Chamber of Commerce, which represents local real estate developers, since 2009.

“They’ve built up a lot of relationships with the local realtours, real estate associations, and real estate brokers,” Kuehler told the Journal-Reporter.

“That’s one of our big assets.”

He added, “The real estate industry here in the Midwest is very dependent on the realtour business.”

John Kiehlers real estate fortune The realtor who founded Allied Real estate and has been involved in its sales is a former Democratic state representative, John Kerns, who was elected in 2006 to represent Madison.

He is also a former president of American Association of Realtors, which has received $25.5 million in taxpayer funding since 2006, according Real Estate Investment Trusts, the industry’s trade group.

He left the organization last year to form a realtory, but it has not filed for bankruptcy protection.

Kerns was appointed to the board in 2017 by Gov.

Scott Walker to help oversee the Real Estate Board of Wisconsin.

He was the chairman of the state’s Real Estate Development Authority for more than a decade, and he is a partner in Allied Real.

He also served as chairman of American International Group, the realtor association that represents the realty companies on behalf of Wisconsinites.

The Real Estate Institute of America, the trade group for the real industry, has praised Kerns for his efforts in real estate.

“John Kerns has made an enormous contribution to the advancement of real estate in Wisconsin, including his work on the Real Housekeeping and Real Estate Alliance boards,” the real group said in a statement.

The association said Kerns helped the real home-buying process by introducing a law to allow people to purchase homes in Wisconsin without the need for a mortgage, and by promoting the use of state-owned real estate as a source of income.

The law allowed Wisconsinites to own a