What’s the most expensive real estate in Ohio?

Posted April 09, 2019 10:06:24Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (CNN) There are many reasons why Ohio real estate prices have soared in recent years.

In particular, the state has seen a wave of growth in the construction of homes, including the rapid growth of new homes.

The rise of these new homes has also fueled a real estate bubble.

The state has had a housing boom, which has also created a housing shortage, according to the Brookings Institution, a research group.

The Brookings Institute predicts the supply of homes will soon be exhausted.

According to the group, the number of new home sales will continue to grow, despite the fact that demand has slowed.

The real estate boom has also led to a glut of inventory.

The Brookings Institute estimates that there is an additional 3.8 million homes currently in storage.

That means Ohio has about 30 million homes in storage, according the Brookings Institute.

And that’s a problem for buyers, who are struggling to find homes to buy.

A report released by the real estate agency IBISWorld found that inventory levels for Ohio homes were nearly 60% higher than in the year before the Great Recession.

That means more inventory for sellers, who have to pay a higher price.

It also has led to increased demand from international buyers, which have been flooding the market.

That’s caused prices to rise, according of IBIS World.

In an effort to address the shortage, the Ohio Real Estate Association recently announced a new real estate tax credit program that gives tax breaks to people who buy or lease homes in the state.

It’s the second time the Ohio program has been implemented in the last three years.